Ellie Howard

Hi, I'm Ellie.

I love creating products and building companies. 

Recently, I've been working on a data app that helps consumer product brands capture customers’ usage data to personalise subscriptions.

Prior to this, I was a founder fellow at On Deck (ODF7), and worked at venture-backed consumer companies. You can find my 'CV' here. 16 personalities tells me that I tend to be a 'Protagonist' (ENFJ-T), which I think is fairly accurate. 

My interests include organisational performance, operational intelligence, decision making, systems, and end user programming. You can find things I've been reading / listening to recently here. 

I currently live in London. I enjoy the sea, walking my dog and skiing, amongst other things. Reformer pilates and breathwork keep me sane. 

Get in touch on Twitter or send me an email: hi [at] ellie-howard dot com

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